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Mow before the plant goes to seed. Compost or transport
while it is still green, otherwise you will spread more seeds.
Each plant is capable of dispersing 250,000 seeds.
Burn when plant is dry. Check our pages on the burn window and fire safety.

Plant competitive species of plants. Tumbleweeds don’t like lawn or well-irrigated gardens. Don't let the weeds pile up against fences or in ditches.

August 16, 2016
September 6 & 20, 2016

Engine Training


Your Castle Valley Fire Department has some new equipment and we are
engaged in training to operate it efficiently when it it is needed.
The equipment is a 2600 gallon portable water tank.

Lesley Craig, Russ Cooper, Mitch Stockton, Bob Russell

As you know water supply is one of our main issues. This tank folds up and is carried by engine 37 to a staging area near a fire site. Our 3000gal tanker "Big Red"
can fill the portable tank and then return for another load while the portable tank
serves as a resupply for engine 37 or other engines.

Engine 37

The engine needing water can draft (suck) water from the portable tank. Most of our engines have this capability but it takes some practice to do this efficiently.

Lesley Craig, Russ Cooper, Martin Hernandez

Jazmine Duncan and Russ Cooper

The training here was under the direction of
Chief Ron Drake and Training Officer Greg Halliday.
Participating were George Holling, Mitch Stock,
Bob Russell and Martin Hernandez

The portable tank and equipment was financed by a grant
from the Utah State Fire Marshall.
We have to stretch our limited funds whenever we can.



THE GOVERNOR and THE FIRE MARSHALL have banned burning because of

Last Sunday the fire department was involved with a trash fire that got out
of control and could have been a major disaster; all the elements were there, heat, wind and dry fuels. Luckily with the help of local citizens
we were able to put it out with only about an acre charred.
Time is critical in snuffing out fires.

If you see smoke or a lightning strike, don't hesitate to dial 911. Your fire department is ready and waiting to deal with fires at their earliest. Burn barrels are not secure unless covered by a screen. Our swirling, sudden winds can lift out burning material and spread it very quickly.

The new Engine 39

There is a new truck down at the Fire Department. And it is very large.
Originally it was used in Iraq, but is now government surplus. It was acquired by the State of Utah from the Red River Army Depot. It was reassigned to Castle Valley due to a request to the State to replace Engine 34.
It is being refitted as a brush truck and tender. Which means it will carry water, but will also have hoses and a water canon.

Mitch Stock,Greg Halliday,Randy Ward,Chris Michaud,Leta Vaughan,
Ron Mengel, Jazmin Duncan, Bob Russell, Floyd Staughten (retired Chief),
Bob Lippman, George Holling

The Chief checks out The Beast.

Chris Michaud inspects the engine on our new (future) engine